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Winter Specials

Complete 30SNC Snow Caster

  • Reduce fatigue, easy on your back -no lifting
  • 50% more efficient than traditional snow shovels
  • Blade dimension 7.5″H x 36″W
  • Bi-directional blade
  • Angled blade for “wind rowing” snow
  • Proven commercial application
  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes

Maximum Salt in a Shaker !!

NEW!!! Convenient, easy to handle, 12 pound shaker contains our best selling, eco-friendly MAXIMUM SALT®. Safe for pets! MAXIMUM SALT® is treated with a naturally derived, environmentally friendly material called ICE BITE, which has a proven track record established through years of use by winter maintenance professionals. The treatment process coats each granule with a layer of our highly effective Ice Bite base ingredient.

IceBite Treated Bulk salt $157.22 per yard

Single Purchase of 6 yards or more  $ 152.14

Maximum Salt bag $ 15.03       Complete Melt bag  $ 16.00

Anti-icing/Deicing fluid  $ 1.50 per gallon

M-50 Salt Mixing fluid  $ 3.00 per gallon

All Prices are pick-up only / Delivery is available

All Prices excludes Sales Tax

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